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Vinay Chaudhary

Founder - Regem Enterprises

Experienced self-taught professional in Full Stack Web Development and Cloud Technology. Strong problem-solving and project management skills. Dedicated to continuous learning and delivering high-quality solutions.

The Story...

I embarked on my coding journey at the age of 16, fueled by a strong passion for computer programming. It all began during my ninth-grade year when I delved into markup language, specifically HTML, in 2017. As my fascination with computer science grew, I acquired additional knowledge while attending school. Following my completion of twelfth grade, I took the initiative to further my education independently.

My focus gravitated towards cloud computing and web development, as I found them particularly captivating. To expand my skill set, I immersed myself in learning various languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Among these languages, PHP holds a special place in my heart as it became my personal favorite.

Additionally, I ventured into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and undertook the challenge of integrating it into some of my projects. This endeavor yielded successful results, further enhancing my abilities in this domain. Although this account represents only the beginning of my journey, I hope to continue exploring and expanding my knowledge and expertise in the future.

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Skills I Possess

Full Stack Web Developer 95%
Problem Solving Skills 95%
Leadership 90%
Listener & Learner 100%